Frequency and Net Information

Local Frequencies

Collegedale Repeater – 147.000, + offset, pl 131.8
Our GCARC Weekly Net is Thur. 7pm
Note: The net is now active and we are looking for volunteers to share net control.
GCARC Net control signup
GCARC Net Script (pdf)
Local simplex frequency – 146.520 Mhz, pl 131.8

Repeaterbook List of Local Area Repeaters

Local Area Nets

DayTimeFreq.OffsetToneSponsered ByDescription
Sunday8:00PM146.790W4AMSunday Night Net
Monday8:00PM146.925 – Primary
147.375 – Secondary

W4GZXBradley County ARES/RACES
Tuesday8:00PM145.390107.2W4AMSkywarn Net
Wednesday8:00PM442.150+KG4OVQSE Linked Repeater Net
Wednesday444.450+131.8WJ9JSE Linked Repeater Net
Thursday7:00PM147.000+131.8KB7PSEGCARC Weekly Net
Thursday8:00PM except for the first Th of the month @ 8:30PM146.790No PL toneW4AMHamilton County ARES/RACES
Thursday8:30PM147.180+118.8W4GZXSTAR Net

Other Adventist Nets (HF)

Adventist Amateur Radio Assoc. Int. (AARAI)